Customer Reviews

Jason S. – Virginia Beach, Va

“My review of DBQ’s Smokin’ Sauce… in a word? AWESOME! I grilled up some chicken breasts, lightly seasoned with garlic salt and cracked pepper, then added the DBQ Smokin’ Sauce during the last 10-15 minutes as recommended. WOW! The flavor profile is amazing, and the taste evolves while you chew. At first you get a hint of sweet, then a little bite of heat. Perfect. I can see this becoming my “go-to” sauce for chicken. Now to try it out on some ribs and maybe even a pork loin. Well done, DBQ!!!”

Jodi F. – Lester, Al

The sauce is excellent! My crew is very picky & we all loved it. It’s not too sweet & has a great balance of everything. Kudos!

Charlie R. – Paducah, Ky

Wow… I just hate a half a slab of ribs, about 1/3 lb of Pork butt (no bread), and a pulled pork sandwich. The pulled pork was moist and tasty. Good smoke flavor, and same with the smoked butt. However…The ribs were awesome! Good smoke, great rub! It wasn’t “fall of the bone” ribs, but I LIKE it so it pulls off the bone, not fall off. During my 6th rib I actually stopped and thought about how tasty it was and told Dani that! The Sauce…I like the thickness, and the sweetness is terrific. What hit me first was almost a fruity flavor, and I realized that the cinnamon was what in the back taste. It is different than others I’ve had with that cinnamon kick but it is delicious and goes really well with the smoke flavoring on the foods. Dipping the ribs in the sauce was doubly delicious. I was skeptical when you were raving about it but let me tell ya Adam, I am a believer! I am really, really glad we made it out there today because I am stuffed, and still thinking about having the other half slab when everything settles a little bit! Tell Mr. Draper that it was superb from both of us (Dani destroyed a pulled pork sandwich!). Thanks!

J. Howze – Pack-A-Smokes Competition Team

We’d like to thank Shane and everyone at Draper’s BBQ for our highest scores in pork 2 weeks running. Kings Mtn, NC tie for 10th out of 52 teams and yesterday in Lexington, NC a 6th place of 54 teams with a score of 169. Your rub alone has drastically increased our scores. Thanks guys!!

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